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UNMUTE: The Impact of a Pandemic on Gender-Based Violence (online play)

UNMUTE premiered in recognition of domestic violence awareness month in November 2020. UNMUTE is a forum theatre piece that addresses the rise of domestic violence and gender-based assault during COVID-19.

While a family’s life may seem normal from the other side of the screen, abuse is lurking behind closed doors. Immerse yourself in this important and timely piece that gives audience members the chance to rehearse scenarios for real life. Audiences will learn skills and resources for how they can make a difference. Participate in changing the story through forum theatre.

UNMUTE is a bookable Zoom play and it will be released as a podcast in 2021.

Content Advisory: UNMUTE deals with abuse, and assault. Not recommended for audiences under the age of 13.”

For more information and show dates, please visit:

-from Theatre of the Beat

Free Interactive Community Plays on Senior Mental Health (Mixed Company Theatre, online)

March 23rd, 3:00 – 4:30 PM ET

“Anna’s Story: Family Complications After Loss” is created in collaboration with seniors from Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women about coping with loss. In the first half of the presentation, you will watch Anna, the protagonist, struggle to find the support she needs to navigate her emotional, financial, and technological needs after the loss of her husband. Then, her story will be presented again – only this second time, you will get the opportunity to suggest changes to result in a positive alternative ending

This play is scripted and facilitated by Pavla Uppal with support from Elizabeth Wickwire. This play is the culmination of Mixed Company Theatre’s â€śResiliency through Virtual Action” project funded by the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility.

Event Details  
Presentation Date: Tuesday March 23rd, 2021  
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM (ET)  
Price: Free!  
Location:  Online via Zoom  

Registration: Please email to receive the Zoom link for the event 

Content Warning: The presentation makes subtle references to suicide.  

March 25th and 31st, 10:00- 11:30 AM ET

“COVID Concerns” is created in collaboration with the seniors from Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities about mental health challenges they are facing during the pandemic. In the first half of this play, you will see how the senior characters in the story become overwhelmed by new technology, fears of contracting COVID-19, and being alienated from loved ones. Then, the story will be presented again – only this second time, you will get the opportunity to suggest changes to result in a positive alternative ending

Scripted and facilitated by Luciano Iogna with support from Max Cameron Fearon and Lorene Stanwick. This play is the culmination of Mixed Company Theatre’s â€śResiliency through Virtual Action” project funded by the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility.  

Event Details  
FREE Interactive Community Plays on Senior Mental HealthDates: Thursday March 25th, Wednesday March 31st   
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM (ET)   
Price: Free!   
Location: Online via Zoom (the event link will be sent after registering)  

Registration “

For more information, please visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre

Obsidian Theatre & CBC Arts Present: 21 BLACK FUTURES (Online)

Obsidian Theatre and the CBC are unveiling the full line-up of directors and performers who have joined the first major project announced under Artistic Director Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu, 21 BLACK FUTURES. First announced this past fall, 21 BLACK FUTURES is an anthology of
21 filmed monodramas, commissioned from 21 multigenerational Black playwrights across the country, directed by 21 Black directors and performed by 21 Black actors. Premiering in February 2021, aligned with Black History Month and Obsidian Theatre’s 21st anniversary, 21 BLACK FUTURES will respond to the question, “What is the future of Blackness?”

In addition to announcing the full company of directors and performances joining the previously announced playwrights, Obsidian is thrilled to confirm that 21 BLACK FUTURES will premiere exclusively on the free CBC Gem streaming service in three parts (3×70 minutes) on Friday, February 12, Friday February 19 and Friday, February 26.”

For more information, please visit:

-from Obsidian Theatre

Seven Visions: Reconciliation Through Theatre (SarasvĂ ti Productions, online)

“We invite our audience to join us in experiencing a multi-media style performance utilizing theatre, music, dance and visuals created by the stories from over 70 Indigenous Youth. At the end of the performance, the actors invite you to virtually participate in finding other scenarios, solutions, to change characters choices in three key scenes.

The performance dates are December 17-18, 8PM CST and December 19, 2PM CST.

You can view the performance through two different options: YouTube or StreamYard. YouTube viewers can interact in real-time using the chat function which can be brought up on the screen, or StreamYard viewers can be brought on screen with video and audio to interact in person. Facilitated by a live host – called The Joker in Forum Theatre – to discuss and reframe scenarios and interact with the student’s suggestions and questions.

To learn more about the process and the larger creation story check out an overview on our Reconciliation Project.”

For more information and to reverse tickets, please visit:

-from SarasvĂ ti Productions

Call for Applications: 2021 ThisGen Fellowship

Why Not Theatre is excited to announce the 2021 iteration of ThisGen Fellowship. ThisGen Fellowship is a national initiative that supports BIPOC Female, Trans, and/or Non-Binary theatre practitioners get to the next stage in their careers through training, mentorship, guided self-study, and peer-to-peer connection.

We are passionate about creating a future where BIPOC Female, Trans, and Non-Binary people are supported, celebrated, and have the resources and networks they need to thrive in the arts sector. By making connections to institutional leadership, enhancing valuable skill sets, and building a network of peers, ThisGen is a launchpad for Canadian cultural leaders.

12 Fellows will be selected as part of the 2021 cohort, and applicants may apply to participate in either the Director Stream or the Cultural Leadership Stream. The program will run February-June 2021 (exact dates of activity TBD).”

For more information, please visit:

from Why Not Theatre

PerSIStence Theatre: Paid Theatre Mentorship Opportunity – BIPOC (St. John’s)

Have you always had an interest in theatre, but perhaps don’t like getting up in front of people as a performer?
PerSIStence Theatre is looking to hire an interested person for an entry-level production mentorship for our Fall 2020 season who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour. 
Our season will consist of the production and digital recording of four (4) one-woman shows and we’d love to have you involved!
Our intention is to give the successful applicant a supportive opportunity to be mentored in professional theatre production with multiple departments over the course of the Fall season. 
We’ll work with you to determine the exact details of work and assignments, which we’ll develop together with you as a match of your interests and skills with the production requirements of the season. 
Department we can provide access to may include areas such as: Production Management, Stage Management, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and/or Props.”

For more information, please visit:

-from PerSIStence Theatre

FemFest 2020: Engaging Community (SarasvĂ ti Productions)

“SarasvĂ ti Productions is thrilled to announce the eighteenth annual festival of life-changing theatre for everyone. Running from September 19-26, FemFest 2020: Engaging Community will showcase talent from across the country, as well as celebrate local playwrights and emerging talent. This year’s line-up is filled with diverse performances, workshops, readings, and a cabaret.

We’re excited to offer virtual and live events in accordance to COVID-19 protocols. If you’ve missed Fringe and other great theatre events, you can be sure to experience the magic of theatre at FemFest 2020: Engaging Community.

Check out our FemFest website for all of this year’s programming. Keep checking back for updates on how and where components will be delivered. You can also check out the brochure to get a full sense of the festival we imagined months ago and are committed to seeing through in unique and exciting ways!”

For more information, please visit:

-from SarasvĂ ti Productions

Black Magic: tonight – An Online Conversation with Black Artistic Directors in the Canadian Theatre Industry

“In this time of pandemic-induced uncertainty and cultural reckoning, the future of theatre is on the brink of a seismic shift. What does it mean to be a Black A.D. — particularly in this moment? Join Kimberley Rampersad, Associate Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival, in a spirited, candid discussion with the heads of Canada’s five most prominent theatre companies with Black artistic leadership.

Tune in on Friday at 7:30PM!
Black Magic: A Conversation with Black Artistic Directors in the Canadian Theatre Industry. Co-presented by Cahoots Theatre and Obsidian Theatre
Join in on the conversation by using #ADBlackMagic”

Watch here:

-from Cahoots Theatre

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK: Interactive Theatre for Dialogue

“As restrictions lift, will we still be allowed to keep working from home? Does the system ask us to choose between our careers and our family’s health? How can we support each other when we’re asked to return to the office?

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK is an interactive theatre presentation that seeks answers to these questions. You will experience an adapted format of Forum Theatre that is rooted in anti-oppression work as is interactive. This style of theatre compels audience members to develop real-time strategies for dealing with social and personal issues. Let’s come together to explore solutions and possibilities to what lies ahead for us all.

WHEN: July 23, 2020, 7:30 PM ET

WHERE: Online via Zoom. Receive the Zoom Meeting Link by registering for the event.

REGISTRATION: This is a Pay What You Can Event. Please register here:

For the play synopsis and more about our style of theatre visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre

Call for Black or Indigenous Playwright & Curator Submissions (Alley Theatre, Vancouver)

“As a settler led organization, we have been listening to and witnessing the courage and resilience in Black and Indigenous communities in the face of appalling violence, racism and white supremacy.

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter.

And we’ve been searching for ways to take action that amplifies this. Within our current means, this is an action we are taking:


For our upcoming “Site-Reading Play” we are inviting submissions only from PLAYWRIGHTS and CURATORS who identify as Black or Indigenous.


We can offer a $1,000 fee to a playwright who identifies as Black or Indigenous, is a resident of what is now called Canada, and has an existing play which would benefit from being read in a site-specific or site-inspired location. Submissions will be curated (see below) by an experienced Black Artist and an experienced Indigenous Artist, and one play will be chosen. Alley Theatre would produce a public reading of this play for our annual “Site-Reading Series”.

This is not a commission. The $1,000 is a playwright royalty for the public reading of an already existing play. Plays can be unproduced, in development, or previously produced.

The selected playwright will have final say in choosing a director (local to Vancouver) for the reading and can collaborate with the director on casting the reading. Alley Theatre will produce the reading with a modest production budget and all artists involved (actors, director, stage manager etc) will be compensated above CAEA minimum fees. An anti-racism facilitator will be engaged to promote safety and justice for artists involved.


We are seeking submissions from Black or Indigenous persons residing in what is now called Canada who wish to be Curators for the above submissions. We are able to hire two curators (one Black, one Indigenous) and each curator will receive a $750 honorarium.

Curators would review synopses of the plays, then select and read a shortlist of plays, and have full autonomy over selecting the play.”

For more information and submission details, please visit:

-from Alley Theatre