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CUE Art Projects 2022 Grant Cycle

“Grants for new-generation artists living and working on the margins.
Apply for a $1000 grant to produce an art project in any discipline!

GRANTS ARE FOR ARTISTS WHO are new-generation artists living and working on the margins, and facing systemic barriers to accessing professional arts opportunities.

NOTE: You must speak with CUE before submitting an application.

For more information, please visit:

-from CUE Art Projects

Indigenous Arts Grants (First Peoples’ Cultural Council)

“At the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, we support Indigenous artists working in both traditional and contemporary arts by delivering grants, workshops and programs. 

Indigenous arts in B.C. have a long and nuanced history, stretching back to a time well before colonization. Music, dance, carving, weaving, regalia, body art – these are just some of the artistic expressions that reflect our cultures and identities. Our art is a conduit for physical, mental, socio-cultural and economic well-being. 

We use art to record history and mark events, map the land, pass on values and identify political and family structures that shape our communities. Art is at the centre of our ceremonies and cultural practices. Art is an educational tool, a public record, a political document and a spiritual resource – and it is a critical component of our cultural systems. 

Choosing your Grant
The Indigenous Arts Program is organized into three funding Baskets to streamline grant selection for individuals, organizations and music industry professionals. Please see each Basket to find which grant fits best with your project.

For more information, please visit:

-from First Peoples’ Cultural Council

Strategic Innovation Fund: Grow Grants (Canada Council for the Arts)

Grow Grants provide multi-year support for a limited number of longer-term, collaborative initiatives that propose sustainable solutions to issues within and beyond the arts sector and demonstrate strong potential to be scaled up for regional, national, or international impact. 

Grow provides large-scale support for existing innovation projects that have already been successfully developed, tested, prototyped and/or piloted.  Projects must address systemic issues in the arts sector and propose sustainable solutions to sectoral or cross-sectoral issues to help rebuild a more resilient, sustainable, equitable, accessible, greener, healthier, and connected arts sector. 

Looking for other innovation opportunities? Explore all the funding components of the Strategic Innovation Fund.

Deadline: April 13, 2022″

For more information, please visit:

-source: Canada Council for the Arts

Fonds d’innovation stratĂ©gique : subventions pour AccroĂ®tre (Conseil des arts du Canada)

“Les subventions pour AccroĂ®tre du Fonds d’innovation stratĂ©gique fournissent un soutien pluriannuel de quelques initiatives collaboratives Ă  long terme, qui proposent des solutions durables Ă  des enjeux sectoriels ou transsectoriels, et qui dĂ©montrent un grand potentiel de dĂ©ploiement et de retombĂ©es Ă  l’échelle rĂ©gionale, nationale ou internationale.

Cette composante vise Ă  fournir un soutien majeur Ă  des projets d’innovation qui existent dĂ©jĂ  et qui se sont avĂ©rĂ©s rĂ©ussis durant les phases de dĂ©veloppement, de tests, de prototypage ou de mise Ă  l’essai. Les projets doivent traiter d’enjeux systĂ©miques touchant le secteur artistique et proposer des solutions Ă  des problèmes sectoriels ou intersectoriels qui sont pĂ©rennes et qui favorisent la reconstruction d’un milieu plus rĂ©silient, durable, Ă©quitable, accessible, Ă©cologique, sain et connectĂ©. 

Vous cherchez d’autres options? Explorez toutes nos composantes de financement dans le cadre du Fonds d’innovation stratĂ©gique.”

La date limite : 13 avril 2022

Pour en savoir plus:

-source : Conseil des arts du Canada

Open Call for Participatory Creative Music Projects

“The Canadian New Music Network is excited to call for Participatory Creative Music Projects to be hosted on the online Participatory Creative Music Hub. Successful applicants will be provided funding for documentation of an existing project.

Amount of grant: $800.00

Application deadline: February 20, 2022

Deadline for submission of documentation via online upload form for selected projects: April 23, 2022

What is Participatory Creative Music? 

At CNMN, Participatory Creative Music is a multitude of approaches to creating music in which everyone involved, regardless of their prior experience in making music, has active input in the creative process. Authorship and decision-making is shared to greater or lesser degrees, depending on context.

For more information and clarification, see Keyword Definitions.

What is the Participatory Creative Music Hub?

The Hub showcases people from all walks of life creating music together. Whatever you call it – participatory creative music, community music, jamming, co-composition, improvisation, music exploration, listening games or having fun with sound – The Hub celebrates music creativity for everyone. 

The main criteria for projects is that all participants have active input in the creative process, whether they are 4, 40 or 94 years of age, an experienced musician or making music for the first time. Projects must take COVID-19 measures into account. Projects in remote and isolated areas are very encouraged.

What is an eligible project?

An eligible project is a participatory creative music activity already occurring in the community, whether on-going or completed. Projects may take place in the fields of health care, education, social services, prisons and more. 

This year’s call will prioritize projects related to health.

See the Project page for examples of Hub projects. 

See Keyword Definitions for terminology.


The purpose of this grant is to support documentation of an existing PCM project to provide inspiration and tools for user groups of the Hub to make their own music. It is crucial that documentation is instructional in nature, rather than promotional. Links to biographical information via a CNMN member page and external links are possible on the project webpage.

Participatory music takes place in all kinds of settings with all kinds of people. Documentation can reflect this, and doesn’t have to be of studio-quality audio or video where that is not possible or appropriate. Sometimes a video capture from your cell phone or screen capture from zoom speaks volumes. Documentation should best reflect the nature of the project, communicate well on an on-line platform and assume varying levels of music training.”

For more information and submission details, please visit:

-from Canadian New Music Network

Project Grant: Black Arts Projects Program (Toronto Arts Council)

“The Black Arts Projects Program supports arts projects by Black artists, Black artist collectives, and Black-led, Black-focused and Black-serving organizations. For the purpose of this program, “Black” refers to African descendant people across the diaspora including but not limited to African Canadian, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, East African, West African, Southern and Central African, Afro-Arab, Afro-Indigenous, etc. This funding program is intended to support the development, continuation, and flourishing of Black arts communities.

What does this program support?

The Black Arts Projects Program provides support to individual artists, artist collectives of 2 or more Black artists working on a non-profit basis and incorporated non-profit Toronto Black arts organizations.  

TAC recognizes the need to respond to barriers that Black arts communities face due to anti-Black racism. The program is designed to increase access to, awareness of, and participation in Toronto Arts Council funding by Black artists, while amplifying the work of Black artists in the city and creating avenues for sustainable art practice.

This program is multidisciplinary and recognizes a diversity of art practice, including new and emerging art forms, culturally relevant art practices, and multi/ interdisciplinary arts projects. Applicants can apply for projects that engage one or multiple arts disciplines.”

For more information, please visit: For more information, please visit:

-from Toronto Arts Council

First Peoples’ Cultural Council Funding Opportunities

“FPCC Grant funding supports our communities to revitalize their Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage in B.C. Current funding opportunities are available here:

“The Community Arts Infrastructure program supports Indigenous arts organizations and unincorporated arts collectives to develop Indigenous workspaces and workshops in order to share artistic skills and knowledge.” For more information:

“The Organizations and Collectives grant helps to build administrative capacity and sustainability for the organization or helps to advance the work of Indigenous artists.” For more information:

“The Indigenous Art Scholarship supports the development of First Nations, MĂ©tis, and Inuit artists and arts practitioners residing in B.C. with funding for education or mentorship. ” For more information:

-from First Peoples’ Cultural Council

ArtReach’s 2021 Granting Program is Now Open!

ArtReach’s funding program is designed to support youth arts initiatives in Toronto that foster the engagement of youth 13-29 and provide high quality arts opportunities. $300,000 in grants are available each year to support youth arts projects, thanks to our partnership with the Toronto Arts Council (click here to learn more about this partnership!)

ArtReach grants aim to support innovative youth arts projects that may not be supported elsewhere. ArtReach is about access, reducing barriers, and increasing opportunities for youth, individual artists, and organizations/ collectives to create or continue quality arts projects and programming.

ArtReach runs one annual granting round, with applications opening December 1st, and due February 1st at 11:59pm each year.

For more information and how to apply, please visit:

-from ArtReach

CUE 2020 Grant Cycle is Open

“Apply for a $1000 grant to produce an art project in any discipline.

Grants are for artists who are new-generation artists living and working on the margins, and facing systemic barriers to accessing professional arts opportunities.

CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists who live and work on the margins. Throughout history, some of the most innovative artwork has been created by artists who experience marginalization and face systemic barriers, and who have been excluded by conventional arts and cultural institutions. We recognize that arts funding agencies have often not adapted to growing social, cultural, and economic inequality.

In response, CUE has designed an accessible funding program offering not only financial support for art projects, but also consultation in preparing project proposals, support throughout the production process, and opportunities for public exhibition”

For more information, please visit:

-from CUE

Indigenous Arts Program Grants (First Peoples’ Cultural Council)

FPCC Arts Program deadlines have been extended to October 6, 2020!

Select grants in the Indigenous Arts Program and the Indigenous Music Initiative are now accepting applications for the Fall 2020 intake from Indigenous residents and organizations in B.C.

The Fall 2020 intake includes the following:

The Indigenous Arts Program (IAP)

The Indigenous Music Initiative (IMI)

For more information, please visit:

-from First Peoples’ Cultural Council

Deaf and Disability Arts Projects (Ontario Arts Council)

Deaf and Disability Arts Projects

Until this program opens in Nova, the Ontario Arts Council’s online granting system, program information may change. This includes deadline dates and specific information on eligibility. Be sure to visit this page after the program opens in Nova, but before starting your application.


The program supports Ontario-based artists and arts professionals who are Deaf and/or have a disability, and ad hoc groups, collectives and arts organizations mandated to serve and led by artists or arts professionals who are Deaf and/or have a disability. It funds all contemporary and traditional art practices that are supported at OAC. There are three categories:

  • Creation: to help cover the costs of research and development, exploration and experimentation, and creation of new work
  • Production: to help cover the costs of production and/or the creation of art works
  • Professional development: to help cover the costs of study or training; mentorship; internship or apprenticeship; and/or documentation of artwork

Deadline dates

October 15, 2020, 1 p.m. ET

  • Applications are available in Nova approximately three months before the deadline.
  • Grant notification will be available approximately four months after the deadline.
  • If you require application support to complete your application, please make your request at least six weeks before the program deadline.”

-from Ontario Arts Council