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Rittenhouse Transformative Justice 101 Training (May 15, online)

“Join us for our first (of many to come!) Transformative Justice 101 training online. TJ 101 is an online workshop that will cover the foundational principles & basic practices of Transformative Justice work with communities. 

*NOTE: We are waiting for the event platform to activate registration. We apologize for the delay. Please see our linktree for more registration info and to sign up for an email notification form.*


TJ 101 is an online workshop that will cover the foundational principles & basic practices of Transformative Justice work with communities.

$20-$200 sliding scale
*if you pay $23, it covers the cost of the facilitator and tech support
*if you pay $50, it covers the cost of the facilitator, tech support, and ASL interpreter
*if you pay more, it supports folks who arent able to pay the fee to access this training and ensures the facilitator and other support folks make a decent wage
*if you pay more, it supports Rittenhouse to continue to develop and provide TJ trainings, pay a decent wage to many TJ educators and facilitators, to hire ASL interpreters, and ensure these knowledges and skills are accessible to many income levels

5 spots are free (first come first serve)
More trainings and more free / accessible spots will be available in the future. Email us to learn more: naty.rittenhouse[at]

Automatic closed captioning on zoom
ASL interpreter (will be provided upon request; will not be provided if not requested – request at end of ticket purchase)

Please email naty.rittenhouse[at] if you have other questions.

1) Who is this for? Who should sign up? How can TJ support people in their current roles/life?

Everyone!!! This training is for anyone interested in unpacking the impacts of our current punitive justice system & dreaming about other possibilities. It is for folks interested in building their capacity to support community based alternatives to the police to address violence & harm. People wanting to learn about conflict negotiation or supporting Healing & Accountability processes. Activists, educators, artists, healers, community organizers, aunties & abolitionists alike can gain insights & practices for #KeepingEachOtherSafe

2) What to expect?

  • Building upon Anti-racist & anti-oppression theory,
  • Self reflection & locating oneself inside community organizing
  • Thought provoking conversations,
  • Exploring critical concepts,
  • Picking up new tools,
  • Skill & wisdom sharing
  • Interactive curriculum & case studies,
  • Space to imagine other models of community justice,

3) What not to expect?

  • All the answers,
  • A clear pathway to achieving transformative justice for all situations,
  • Simple or binary solutions,
  • Shaming, calling out, cancelling

4) What should you come to this workshop with?

  • An open heart & mind
  • Writing/drawing materials
  • Questions, challenges, concerns, ideas & hopes you have around TJ work

5) Pre-reading/watching (optional)

What is Transformative Justice? – Barnard Center for Women Studies

More about Rittenhouse and Transformative Justice:
This work is informed by a commitment to transformative justice, based on the work of Rittenhouse founder Ruth Morris. Transformative justice is a perspective that emerged from indigenous justice practices. It focuses on healing, rather than revenge, and considers questions of justice and injustice in relation to both interpersonal and social-structural issues. Transformative Justice is concerned with the promotion of just processes as well as just outcomes, and assumes that the two are inherently linked. A transformative approach views conflict as an opportunity to work with affected parties and communities to address underlying sources of harm, and to transform those conditions. It assumes that the people most affected by conflict should be directly involved in processes of resolution and justice, to the greatest extent possible. Transformative Justice recognizes the importance of accountability and responsibility, both for individuals and for organizations involved in justice work. It seeks non-exclusionary outcomes that maintain relationships between people and communities.”

For more information, please visit:

-from Rittenhouse

Virtual Indigenous Art & Craft Symposium (Experience Qalipu)

Experience Qalipu is pleased to announce a Virtual Indigenous Art and Craft Symposium to take place over the month of October.

The symposium will offer two sessions each week, a professional development session every Tuesday and an artist talk every Thursday.

Professional development sessions will include How to Become a Member of the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador, How to Price your Products, a Virtual Craft Fair Information Session, and Social Media for Craftspeople and Artists.

Artist talks will be shared by artists who practice a variety of mediums including Jenelle Duval, Melissa Peter-Paul, and Nelson White.

Tara Saunders, director of Community Development at Qalipu First Nation, describes this event as an “opportunity to advance the professionalism of our Indigenous artists and craftspeople and encourage hobby artists and craftspeople to pursue arts as a career.”

For more information and to register, please visit:

-from Experience Qalipu

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival (Oct 20-25, Online)

“The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival announces the 21st Annual Festival will move online from October 20 – 25, 2020. imagineNATIVE will gather community for an online Festival to celebrate Indigenous storytelling in film, video, audio, digital and interactive art. This six-day online gathering will feature over 100 Indigenous artists from all over the world with an offering of live screenings, featured discussions, interactive engagements, live pitches, performances, virtual exhibitions, and other special events. 

In addition to artistic and industry offerings, imagineNATIVE will be ‘gifting from the spirit and for the spirit’. Items and goods will be gifted through physical and digital giveaways throughout the Festival highlighting Indigenous artists and companies. Grounded in expressions of generosity, the giveaways will acknowledge the continued support and work from our communities. This year will mark an opportunity for imagineNATIVE to mobilize and connect in new, creative and exciting ways!  

“With the community as a priority, the 2020 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival will be guided by Indigenous practices of gifting and reciprocity. To gift is an act of acknowledgement,” said Niki Little, Artistic Director. “It comes with notions of collective responsibility and opportunities to name relationships between nations.”  

The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is the world’s largest Indigenous festival showcasing film, video, audio, and digital + interactive media made by Indigenous screen-content creators. The Festival presents compelling and distinctive works from Canada and around the globe, reflecting the diversity of Indigenous nations and illustrating the vitality and dynamism of Indigenous arts, perspectives, and cultures in contemporary media.”

For more information, please visit:

-from imagineNATIVE

KIAC Culture Quest: an arts and cultural funding program (Yukon)

Culture Quest supports the expression of culture and art for Yukon performing, visual, and literary artists. Culture Quest also supports First Nations cultural gatherings and festivals around the Yukon in addition to the preparation of work to be showcased nationally or internationally. The program was developed to address the opportunities of art and culture representation at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and subsequent events such as Canada Winter Games, Pan Am/Parapan Games and Northern Scene.

Culture Quest is an arts and cultural funding program supported by the Yukon Government (YG) and administered by the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC). The fund is adjudicated by a Selection Committee.

Culture Quest supports:

  • First Nations expression of art in relation to cultural practices.
  • The continued growth and development of creation, performance, or presenting capacity in the cultural sector, particularly in underserved communities or sectors.
  • Opportunities for artists to create projects that explore and develop ties between contemporary art and their cultural heritage or history.
  • Yukon artists to prepare their work for the national or international stage.

    Please see the funding guidelines here for detailed information.


Yukon-based groups, organizations, businesses and residents (persons having lived in Yukon for a minimum of one full year prior to applying) may apply.

Next Intake: September 15th, 2020. Though requests for $1000 or under may be submitted for consideration at any time.”

For more information and to apply, please visit:

-from KIAC

PerSIStence Theatre: Paid Theatre Mentorship Opportunity – BIPOC (St. John’s)

Have you always had an interest in theatre, but perhaps don’t like getting up in front of people as a performer?
PerSIStence Theatre is looking to hire an interested person for an entry-level production mentorship for our Fall 2020 season who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour. 
Our season will consist of the production and digital recording of four (4) one-woman shows and we’d love to have you involved!
Our intention is to give the successful applicant a supportive opportunity to be mentored in professional theatre production with multiple departments over the course of the Fall season. 
We’ll work with you to determine the exact details of work and assignments, which we’ll develop together with you as a match of your interests and skills with the production requirements of the season. 
Department we can provide access to may include areas such as: Production Management, Stage Management, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and/or Props.”

For more information, please visit:

-from PerSIStence Theatre

Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival (Sept 16-20, Online)

Celebrating Indigenous Arts in CyberSpace,
Algonquin Territory, Ottawa, Canada
Sept. 16-20, 2020

“The 9th annual Asinabka Festival is excited to present the best contemporary Indigenous film and music from Canada and around the world.  The Festival takes place online over 5 days with films hosted on the festival website, and music performances live-streamed on social media.

This year’s festival has made the decision to present all film and arts programming online to prioritize the safety of festival goers, and to still continue to support and celebrate Indigenous artists.  

Our schedule includes 16 separate film programs, including 8 feature length films, and 64 short films, representing 10 different countries including: Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Greenland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

We’re honoured and delighted to be able to present all of this year’s programming and artistic talent, please join us virtually on the Asinabka Festival Website and on our social media.”

-from Asinabka Festival

Room 217’s Free Music Care Webinar Series

Informative, accessible, and free of charge!

“Learn from experts in diverse music care fields in this monthly series. Each season of the Music Care Webinar Series is curated to bring you an eclectic range of current topics and engaging speakers. From mental health to dementia care, neurological music therapy to end-of-life care, these hour-long sessions cover a broad bandwidth of music’s influence.

Visit our Reference Library. All archived webinars are available for listening at your leisure along with presentation slides, sorted by topic.

The Music Care Webinar Series:

  • takes place the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 3:30-4:30 p.m. EST
  • are 60 minutes each with a Q&A period
  • have no cost (registration required for each webinar)

Join Us for Our Free Music Care Webinar Series 2020 – 2021


Sept 9: Music in Times of Plague and COVID-19 – Remi Chiu [REGISTER]

Oct 14: Noise Solution: A top 100 performing UK social enterprise discusses its digital music mentoring- Simon Glenister [REGISTER

Nov 11: The hills are alive with the sound of spiritual care: spirituality, music, and palliative care – Bob Tees [REGISTER

Dec 9: Memory Tracks: A Care App to Support People Living with Dementia – Gordon Anderson [REGISTER]


Jan 13: Attention, Memory, and Executive Functions: an introduction to cognitive training techniques with Neurologic Music Therapy – Elizabeth Nightingale [REGISTER]

Feb 10: Hearing Loss Prevention as we Age – Marshall Chasin [REGISTER]

Mar 10: Using Music to Reduce Social Isolation and Loneliness in Long-Term Care – Lauren Winemaker, Mara Medeiros, Chelsea Mackinnon [REGISTER]

Apr 14: Scaling Music Care – Bev Foster [REGISTER]

May 12: Working with a multidisciplinary team in brain injury rehabilitation – Justis Krar [REGISTER]

Jun 9: Intergenerational Education and Creative Music Programs – Caroline Brendel Pacheco [REGISTER]”

For more information, please visit:

-from Room 217

Register Your Culture Days Activity Now!

New registration deadline: Sept 24th at 11:59pm EDT

“Good news for those still planning Culture Days activities—we’ve extended the deadline right up until the kick-off of the Culture Days celebrations! You now have until Thursday, September 24th at 11:59pm to register your programs. 

Log in to your Dashboard to access the registration system and more details. You can register In Person (with COVID protocol details) and Livestream events, plus Digital Recordings or Self Guided activities.

Join us for an even bigger national celebration where arts, culture, and creativity intersect. Indoors, outdoors, and online—discover the world of arts and culture across Canada.

Culture Days is extending beyond the traditional Culture Days Weekend to a more inclusive and interactive 4-week schedule of activities. Kicking off September 25th and running until October 25th, Culture Days invites everyone to participate in and show appreciation for arts and culture in their own communities and nationwide!

The Culture Days website will act as a promotional platform for creators of every kind to showcase thousands of virtual and in-person activities. Visitors can find small-gathering or self-guided events near them, while going digital allows participants to virtually criss-cross the country and discover live-streamed performances and other online presentations.”

For more information, please visit

-from Culture Days

FemFest 2020: Engaging Community (Sarasvàti Productions)

“Sarasvàti Productions is thrilled to announce the eighteenth annual festival of life-changing theatre for everyone. Running from September 19-26, FemFest 2020: Engaging Community will showcase talent from across the country, as well as celebrate local playwrights and emerging talent. This year’s line-up is filled with diverse performances, workshops, readings, and a cabaret.

We’re excited to offer virtual and live events in accordance to COVID-19 protocols. If you’ve missed Fringe and other great theatre events, you can be sure to experience the magic of theatre at FemFest 2020: Engaging Community.

Check out our FemFest website for all of this year’s programming. Keep checking back for updates on how and where components will be delivered. You can also check out the brochure to get a full sense of the festival we imagined months ago and are committed to seeing through in unique and exciting ways!”

For more information, please visit:

-from Sarasvàti Productions

Creative Facilitation 1 Workshop: Using Creative Arts as Facilitation Tools (Partners for Youth Empowerment)

“This experiential training introduces you to the world of Creative Empowerment Facilitation. You’ll learn strategies for building safety that allows people to take creative risks. You’ll gain a framework for integrating creative practices into all aspects of your facilitation. You’ll build a tool box of easy-to-lead activities you can use the very next day to bring depth and heart to your programs.

You’ll experience the life enhancing benefits of Creative Facilitation first hand. Expect to walk away with new confidence in your own creativity and ability to be an engaging and inspiring leader.

This is the first session of Creative Facilitation 1 to be offered in an online format. Typically this training is offered in person over the course of two full days, but due to the intense nature of participating online, we will hold this training over the course of four days to include four 3-hour sessions.

  • Friday, September 25 | 1-4 pm (Pacific Time)
  • Saturday, September 26 | 9-12 pm
  • Friday, October 2 | 1-4 pm
  • Saturday, October 3 | 9-12 pm”

For more information, please visit:

-from Partners for Youth