Art for Social Change NOW Gathering Archive: The Art for Social Change Network (ASCN): Who and What?

“Hosted by the International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC), this was the inaugural event of the Art for Social Change Network (ASCN), a new national network of community-engaged art for social change (ASC) artists and organizations. Right now, in every corner of Canada, community-engaged artists and organizations are nurturing new forms of collaborative creation, dialogue, partnerships, and action for positive change. At the gathering we explored important key questions: Who is doing the work? What are the current struggles and innovative solutions? How can we and how do we address issues of equity and justice? How are we rising to the critical challenges happening in the community-engaged arts landscape today?”

Session – The Art for Social Change Network (ASCN): Who and What?

“Who are we? What are the goals? Hear from each of the ASCN hubs from across the country on what they’re doing in the field of art for social change (ASC). Hosted by Judith Marcuse (BC). Speakers include: Jacob Zimmer (YK), Marie Coderre (NWT), Sally Njoroge (AB), Judy McNaughton (SK), Josh Ruth (MB, Seanna Connell (ON), Maude Levasseur (QC), Saa Andrew (NB), Natasha Blackwood (NFLD), Tim Borlase (LAB), Megan Stewart (PEI), and Heather Wilkinson (NS).”

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