Seven Visions: Reconciliation Through Theatre (Sarasvàti Productions, online)

“We invite our audience to join us in experiencing a multi-media style performance utilizing theatre, music, dance and visuals created by the stories from over 70 Indigenous Youth. At the end of the performance, the actors invite you to virtually participate in finding other scenarios, solutions, to change characters choices in three key scenes.

The performance dates are December 17-18, 8PM CST and December 19, 2PM CST.

You can view the performance through two different options: YouTube or StreamYard. YouTube viewers can interact in real-time using the chat function which can be brought up on the screen, or StreamYard viewers can be brought on screen with video and audio to interact in person. Facilitated by a live host – called The Joker in Forum Theatre – to discuss and reframe scenarios and interact with the student’s suggestions and questions.

To learn more about the process and the larger creation story check out an overview on our Reconciliation Project.”

For more information and to reverse tickets, please visit:

-from Sarasvàti Productions

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