Building Queer Crip Artist Communities with Dev Ramsawakh (online)

“Disability Justice calls for the leadership of the most impacted but as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, disabled and neurodiverse queer racialized artists have been left behind even within their own community spaces. This workshop will explore the needs of disabled and neurodiverse artists and how to integrate accessibility and disability justice into our spaces.

April 5, 2023

RSVP is required.
This event is hosted virtually on Zoom.
ASL will be provided at every workshop by Phoenix The Fire @phoenixthefire1111

Dev Ramsawakh is a disabled and non-binary award-winning multidisciplinary storyteller, producer and educator. They’ve been published digitally on websites like Toronto Star, Chatelaine, CBC, and Xtra, and have produced projects for SKETCH Working Arts and Luminato Festival Toronto and participated in grant and program application reviews for Toronto Arts Council, The Effing Foundation and Warner Brothers Discovery. They’ve also been included in anthologies such as Disability Visibility,Two Times Removed, and Toronto 2033. They also write poetry, model, and facilitate workshops, both independently and with CRIP Collective. You can find Dev on Twitter and TikTok @merkyywaters and on Instagram @merkyy_waters or on their website”

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-from Bricks and Glitter

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